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Website Design and Build

We are very proud to have designed, built and launched the new website for Knepp Estate. 

Knepp is a 3,500-acre West Sussex estate. They are undoubtedly the UK's greatest rewilding pioneers, whose brilliant mission is to work with nature to build a sustainable future. You might have seen the estate featured in David Attenborough documentaries and shows such as Countryfile!

Before Soka came on board, Knepp had numerous websites for its initiatives. These websites were designed and built with inconsistent approaches, making it quite difficult for users to navigate between them all, leading to a higher-than-desired drop-off rate.

Our work mainly focused on consolidating all of these 'micro' websites into one freshly designed, easy-to-navigate website. 

Soka has succeeded where previous developers have failed. We solved the technical problems preventing Knepp from combining all its varied offerings, which spread across its four internal organisations.

These include Knepp Wild Range Meat's operational challenges of stock monitoring and making fresh deliveries, the complex booking requirements of the Stay and Safari, covering group tours, camping, glamping and new self-contained offerings, and the rich information about the history and ongoing projects, in both blog and detailed article formats.

Building the backend to combine all of this was a significant technical challenge. We achieved it by blending off-the-shelf components and then custom-writing plugins to bridge the gaps between the missing functionality for such a complex business.

Visitors to the website can now read about the inspiring rewilding successes that Knepp has achieved. They can also book incredible wildlife safaris and accommodation (check out the treehouses!) and buy free-range meat from the animals that graze the estate. 

The website has been designed using a colour scheme from the Knepp brand, featuring the iconic purple emperor butterfly (Knepp is now home to the UK's largest colony of this spectacular butterfly.)

Since the launch just a few days ago, Knepp has received glowing testimonials from their customers about how great the buying experience is. 

You can view the website at

Knepp Desktop View By Soka Studio
Knepp Mobile View By Soka Studio
Knepp Mobile Homepage View By Soka Studio