Eva Purity

Eva Purity Packaging Design (Liquid Soap) By Soka Studio

Eva Purity
Logo design, brand guidelines, social media skins and post templates, product packaging.

Eva Purity was created by our client Eliza Gong, as a natural and organic approach to skin problems. She has developed a beautiful range of products that have helped thousands of people with different types of skin issues, most commonly eczema, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin.

Eliza approached us for a rebrand and updated packaging. Based in Mayalsia, she wanted a minimal, fashionable brand that would fit well with a Western target market. 

The designs we created for Eliza draw on influence from the marbling texture within some of her products, the natural distillation processes she works with, and the clean, organic nature of the products.

Eliza said, "I am so thankful to have met Sophie of Soka. She made me feel comfortable and it is so easy to work with her. What matters the most is that she is able to create the brand look that resonates with what I want and that is simply AMAZING! Sophie will always be my go-to person. Thank you so much Sophie!"

Eva Purity Packaging Design (Bottles) By Soka Studio
Eva Purity Logo Design By Soka Studio