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Promotional materials, website design.

Revesby Estate is a family owned historic Estate, located in the heart of Lincolnshire. We began working with the Estate in 2018, producing all of their print and screen marketing materials. We're currently in the process of redesigning and developing their brand new website.

Our client Peter Wiggins-Davies said, "Soka have been providing graphic design services to the Revesby Estate since 2019. They have produced a range of services from estate signage, banners, promotional flyers, and most recently our brand new website. The Soka team understands our need for contemporary, clean and accessible visuals whilst remaining true to the estate's core building blocks, (Natural environment, Community and Culture, Heritage and Visual Character). Soka empathise with the busy nature of estate management and can be trusted to deliver their work in a timely manner and to a consistently very high standard."

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