Conscious Formula


Conscious Formula
Logo design

Conscious Formula is a website and blog run by Eliza Gong, the founder of organic skincare brand Eva Purity. She created this online platform to share her passion and knowledge in using all natural ingredients for skin care regimes.

Eliza approached us to create a logo for her brand. We designed a flower-inspired icon,  referencing the natural world, and Eliza's passion for organic and natural skincare products. It has a lovely, contemporary, clean aesthetic to appeal to her target audience of 25-40 year old women. 

The font we chose has a thick, and almost creamy aesthetic, suggestive of the lotions that she blogs about. We chose a light olive green to reinforce her organic, natural approach, after all the only way to have colourful skincare is to use non-natural ingredients!

Our client Eliza said of our work, "It is strange how you are able to decipher what I've said, and transform it into relaity, just by the quick chat we had at the start of the project! I can resonate well with the concept you have come up with, and I have nothing to add or subtract"

Conscious Formula – Business Card